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How It Works For Hibachi, Sushi Outdoor Catering

We bring our hibachi chefs, Sushi chefs to your own backyard or event space in New Jersey. All you need to do is set up tables and chairs, and provide plates and utensils for your party. Our hibachi, Sushi chef will put on a fun show while cooking a fantastic meal for you and your guests.

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Hibachi, Sushi Outdoor Party Catering Experience, New Jersey

Planning your next Outdoor Hibachi, Sushi party in New Jersey, and want to wow your guests? Everyone loves the fun of a hibachi, sushi outdoor experience, with a talented and entertaining chef, multi-course meal, and random shots of sake. Now you can bring the hibachi experience home to your own backyard with Hibachi Outdoors! You set the table for your guests and we’ll bring the rest. Choose from on-site service style complete with portable grill and hibachi chef. Our mobile set up can go to almost any location of choice. Our teppanyaki has been popular in backyards, beaches, and event venues.

Sushi Hana Hibachi Outdoor Party, New Jersey

Sushi Hana Hibachi Catering, New Jersey

Sushi Hana Hibachi Outdoor, New Jersey